The Female Orgasm Research Institute created an online female orgasm research library to offer one portal of female orgasm research, books and media. We will continue to build our online female orgasm research library. As The Female Orgasm Research Institute’s Executive Director, I read more than 900 female orgasm research papers, books and media articles for my dissertation and discovered that female orgasm research needed an library – an online portal – where women, men and researchers can see what research has been done and what research needs to be done. A few examples of research are highlighted below:

Did you know?

  1. There is only ONE validated treatment for female orgasmic disorder and that treatment, directed masturbation, was developed 50 years ago? Click here for research article.
  2. That the percentage of women suffering from female orgasmic disorder has not changed in 50 years? Click here for research article.
  3. That “altered states of consciousness are related to higher sexual responsiveness in women”? Click here to for research article.

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