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Dr. Osmo Kontula joins The Female Orgasm Research Institute’s Board of Directors

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We are pleased to announce that Dr. Osmo Kontula has joined The Female Orgasm Research Institute's Board of Directors. Dr. Kontula is one of the leading female orgasm researchers. For more than 30 years, Dr. Kontula has served as a research professor specializing in sexology and sexual science and is the author of numerous books,

Cannabis Medicine, Trauma and Female Orgasmic Disorder

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This article highlights some key facts about where trauma is stored in the body, what the effects of trauma are in the body and how cannabis medicine can facilitate trauma's healing with skillful intentional use. The entire article is a good read. It is copied below. Psychedelic Cannabis: Using the Plant for Healing Trauma MAY

Changing Our Beliefs about Male and Female Orgasm

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A study conducted in Montreal, Canada uncovered the beliefs men and women have about orgasm (Séguin, 2019). These beliefs in essence, are reflected in our culture as statistics, in the media and how we operate as a culture. Below are some of the beliefs that were revealed in the study:  Male orgasm is simple; female

States of Absorption and Female Orgasm

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What are states of absorption and what do they have to do with female orgasm? Well, a lot. Let me explain. "States of Absorption are altered mental states characterized by an intense attentional focus on sensory and/or imaginary experiences which leads to changes in the perception of self, space and time (Tellegen& Atkinson, 1974, as

Women’s Clothing Choices and Sex

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Researcher Seymore Fisher (1973, p 380) found that the greater a woman’s inclination to choose her clothes as to conform to current standards the less likely she is: To assign high importance to sex as a life experience. To want sex freedom increased in our culture. To experience more than one orgasm in a one-hour

Female Sexual Dysfunction is a Pandemic

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Covid-19 taught the world what a pandemic is and means. The 2009 definition of a pandemic by the World Health Organization is, “An epidemic occurring worldwide, or over a very wide area, crossing international boundaries and usually affecting a large number of people.” To further narrow that definition, an epidemic is defined by Merrriam-Webster Dictionary

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