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Medical Cannabis and OBGYN’s

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The Journal of Clinical Obstetrics and Gynecology published Medical Marijuana: An Overview for Obstetricians/Gynecologists  in its March 2022 edition, reaching obstetricians and gynecologists across the globe. The research touched on many benefits of medical marijuana, including sexual enhancement.  While the article did not go into depth about how cannabis is being shown to be a

Three theories explore why women who use cannabis regularly are twice as likely to orgasm

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The Female Orgasm Research Institute's abstract titled, Three Theories Explore Why Women Who Use Cannabis Regularly are Twice as Likely to Orgasm, was accepted to present at the Cannabis Clinical Outcomes Research Conference, May 19-20, in Orlando, Florida. The research will be presented by Suzanne Mulvehill, Clinical Sexologist and Executive Director of The Female Orgasm

“Think” your way to Orgasm

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Studies show that women can "think" their way to orgasm. In other words, have 'mental' orgasms without touching their genitals.  The physiological responses of blood pressure, heart rate, and the dilation of the pupils as well as the insensitivity to pain during orgasm were measured in women who think their way to orgasm.  The results

Why do some women have difficulty orgasming?

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While there are many reasons, this article addresses the brain, anxiety and trauma and how they affect orgasm. Below is an excerpt from a study that jumped out at me and I will explain why. “The circuit between the amygdala and the frontal cortex has been shown to be stronger in individuals with certain types

What is the best way to please a woman in bed?

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That depends on which woman you’re trying to please. Before we even begin, let's change the phrase "trying to please" to "experiencing your woman in arousal and orgasm." Women can sense when men are "trying to please" them sexually and that can be a turnoff and create disconnection and goal orientation. And to women, when

Sexually Self-Conscious and Sexual Embarrassment: How it Relates to Sexual Dysfunction

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First, it is common - in fact, it is so common that research has been done about it and measurements have been made to define it. So if you experience this - you are normal!! The key now is to know that sexual self-consciousness and sexual embarrassment may be something that holds women back from

Welcome Dr. Jordan Tishler to The Female Orgasm Research Institute Board

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Please join me in welcoming Dr. Jordan Tishler to The Female Orgasm Research Institute Board. Dr. Tishler is  a Cannabis Specialist and the President and CMO of inhaleMD, a medical practice in Cambridge, MA., specializing in treating male and female sexual dysfunction with cannabis. Dr. Tishler graduated from both Harvard College and Harvard Medical School,

How many Women have never had an Orgasm?

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Many women have never had an orgasm and this percentage of women never orgasming has not changed for nearly 100 years. "Primary Orgasmic Disorder, is a diagnostic category used to describe women who, report never having experienced orgasm under any circumstance (Kaplan, 1974a; Masters & Johnson, 1970 as cited in Anderson, 1983).  Despite the sexual

Changing Our Beliefs about Male and Female Orgasm

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A study conducted in Montreal, Canada uncovered the beliefs men and women have about orgasm (Séguin, 2019). These beliefs in essence, are reflected in our culture as statistics, in the media and how we operate as a culture. Below are some of the beliefs that were revealed in the study:  Male orgasm is simple; female

States of Absorption and Female Orgasm

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What are states of absorption and what do they have to do with female orgasm? Well, a lot. Let me explain. "States of Absorption are altered mental states characterized by an intense attentional focus on sensory and/or imaginary experiences which leads to changes in the perception of self, space and time (Tellegen& Atkinson, 1974, as

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