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Three theories explore why women who use cannabis regularly are twice as likely to orgasm

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The Orgasm Project's abstract titled, Three Theories Explore Why Women Who Use Cannabis Regularly are Twice as Likely to Orgasm, was accepted to present at the Cannabis Clinical Outcomes Research Conference, May 19-20, in Orlando, Florida. The research will be presented by Suzanne Mulvehill, Clinical Sexologist and Executive Director of The Orgasm Project and Dr.

Female Orgasm Research Online Library: Integrating Science into the Mainstream

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The Orgasm Project created an online female orgasm research library to offer one portal of female orgasm research, books and media. We will continue to build our online female orgasm research library. As The Orgasm Project's Executive Director, I read more than 900 female orgasm research papers, books and media articles for my dissertation and

Dr. Osmo Kontula joins The Orgasm Project’s Board of Directors

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We are pleased to announce that Dr. Osmo Kontula has joined The Orgasm Project's Board of Directors. Dr. Kontula is one of the leading female orgasm researchers. For more than 30 years, Dr. Kontula has served as a research professor specializing in sexology and sexual science and is the author of numerous books, journal articles

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