The 6 Declarations on Sexual Pleasure by the World Association for Sexual Health

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The World Association for Sexual Health created the Declaration on Sexual Pleasure affirming that sexual pleasure is a fundamental part of sexual health, sexual well-being and sexual rights. This post will first define sexual pleasure and then list the 6 declarations on sexual pleasure by the World Association on Sexual Health. Sexual Pleasure Defined Sexual

What is the best way to please a woman in bed?

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That depends on which woman you’re trying to please. Before we even begin, let's change the phrase "trying to please" to "experiencing your woman in arousal and orgasm." Women can sense when men are "trying to please" them sexually and that can be a turnoff and create disconnection and goal orientation. And to women, when

To Enhance Sex, Marijuana is ‘Unparalleled”

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Below are excerpts from research that was conducted at the Haight-Ashbury Free Medical Clinic in San Francisco in 1975 and highlighted in the article titled, To Enhance Sex, Marijuana is 'Unparalleled": As survey of 59 men and 36 women from both the medical clinics and the heroin detoxification unit showed that 'insofar as frequent, deliberate

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