Below are 9 facts about the clitoris referenced in K. Lovestone’s article from 2021, and his website, (see reference below).  Many women still do not know the full extent of their clitoris, let alone men. When I took sex education in middle school, no one ever discussed pleasure – or the clitoris – for that matter. In fact, it was only in 2005 that the full clitoris was actually discovered by Australian urologist, Helen O’Connell. She thrust the full anatomy of the clitoris into the public eye, revealing that 90% of the clitoris is actually inside the woman’s body (Gross, 2020). She used microdissection of cadavers and magnetic resonance imaging of living women to reveal what only a few brave anatomists had ever dared to point out.

See the 9 facts about the clitoris below:

1) Female equivalent of the penis

The clitoris is the equivalent physical structure to the male penis.  During prenatal development both we all start with the same structure down there called the genital tubercle (aka bump), but if/as the baby differentiates into either a male or female, the genital bump changes into either the penis or the clitoris

2) Comes from Greek word for “key”

According to the Biology of Women by Ethel Sloane, the “word clitoris is from the Greek word for key, indicating that the ancient anatomists considered it the key to a woman’s sexuality, a perception that had been largely ignored until recently.”

3) It is the primary anatomical source of sexual pleasure

You read it right. Guys, her biggest hotspot is not her vagina…it’s the clitoris that wins the award for being the single biggest source of sexual pleasure for women!

4) 8000 sensory nerve endings

While the penis is generally considered to have about 4,000 sensory nerve endings, the head of the clitoris is estimated to have more than twice that amount…more than 8,000 nerves in an area that is just about the size of a pea!  It’s an understatement to say that it’s super sensitive!  The head can be too sensitive to touch directly, and if orgasm is not achieved, it can remain swollen for a few hours and be uncomfortable.

5) Extensive internal 3d shape composed of erectile tissue

clitoris and urethral sponge
Diagram of the clitoris, taken from Conscious Cock: The Empowered Sexuality Manual For Men, page 109.

Too many people only know about the clitoral head…the little pea shaped nub…and know nothing about the extensive three dimensional shape of the internal parts of the clitoris.  It has a wishbone shape with two wings that extend out to the sides.  It is so complex that the Federation of Feminist Women’s Health Centers identified that it has at least 18 distinct functional parts!

6) The head isn’t stimulated during intercourse

We all should know about how many women led or lead lives devoid of much sexual pleasure because their partner only has sexual intercourse with her for his pleasure or for procreation, and the sad fact is that due to the location of the clitoral head an inch to two inches in front of the vaginal opening, it usually doesn’t get stimulated by the penis during intercourse.  It’s a geometry problem where the angle of intercourse just doesn’t allow the penis to make contact with the clitoral head in the most common sexual positions like missionary, woman riding on top, and doggy-style.  While you might be able to shift your position using the coitial alignment technique to make the penis and clitoral head rub and touch–instead you might just want to give it a hand, so to say, and stimulate it with your fingers.

7) Lots of women can’t orgasm without clitoral stimulation

Studies cited by Elisabeth Anne Lloyd in The Case of the Female Orgasm: Bias in the Science of Evolution on how women achieve orgasm have concluded that very few women can regularly and easily have orgasm from vaginal intercourse alone!  Clitoral stimulation is absolutely essential for three quarters or more of all women to achieve orgasm during intercourse!  It must be loved-up for most women to orgasm!

Diagram of the clitoris, taken from Conscious Cock: The Empowered Sexuality Manual For Men, page 105.

8) The wall of the vaginal opening is the clitoris

At the entrance of the vagina the tissue underneath the skin is actually part of the internal structure of the clitoris.  Literally, if you were to peel back the skin of the vaginal opening, you would see the clitoral “Bulbs”. This little anatomy lesson explains why the vaginal opening is the most sensitive part of the vagina and that you can stimulate the (internal) clitoris through the left and right vaginal walls.  So for more complete clitoral pleasure it’s better to have more vaginal stimulation at the vaginal opening (think side to side and circular motions) than to just have repetitive thrusting deep into the vagina.

9) The clitoris is different for each woman and changes over time

Everyone is different–so what works for one may not work for another, and it grows larger as a woman ages.  After menopause a woman’s clitoris can be seven times the size it was at birth and over two times larger than it was when she was in her twenties.





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