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Welcome Dr. Jordan Tishler to The Orgasm Project Board

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Please join me in welcoming Dr. Jordan Tishler to The Orgasm Project Board. Dr. Tishler is  a Cannabis Specialist and the President and CMO of inhaleMD, a medical practice in Cambridge, MA., specializing in treating male and female sexual dysfunction with cannabis. Dr. Tishler graduated from both Harvard College and Harvard Medical School, trained at

How many Women have never had an Orgasm?

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Many women have never had an orgasm and this percentage of women never orgasming has not changed for nearly 100 years. "Primary Orgasmic Disorder, is a diagnostic category used to describe women who, report never having experienced orgasm under any circumstance (Kaplan, 1974a; Masters & Johnson, 1970 as cited in Anderson, 1983).  Despite the sexual

Women’s Clothing Choices and Sex

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Researcher Seymore Fisher (1973, p 380) found that the greater a woman’s inclination to choose her clothes as to conform to current standards the less likely she is: To assign high importance to sex as a life experience. To want sex freedom increased in our culture. To experience more than one orgasm in a one-hour

Welcome to The Orgasm Project

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Welcome! I am delighted to share with you The Orgasm Project, a non profit organization dedicated to building social awareness to female orgasmic disorder, a pandemic affecting up to 44% of women worldwide that is the second most common sexual complaint among women. Lack of desire is the number one sexual complaint.  The full spectrum

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